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Our portfolio includes anything from simple parameter library changes and performance monitoring  to a complete installation. The support we provide can be anything from a few days to cover absence for holidays or sickness to a full service tailored to meet your specific requirements. Amongst the services that we offer are:

  • Simple configuration changes
  • System software installation and upgrade
  • Performance monitoring
  • Integration of z/OS© with open systems
  • Application of z/OS© service with usermods designed to minimize upgrade risk.
  • Software upgrades of third party vendor products
  • Support for Assembler / Rexx / Cobol / Clist routines.
  • Ops/MVS© Automation
  • OPC/TWS/IWS© batch scheduling installation and operation
  • Custom Healthchecker routines

For more information or to discuss your company’s specific needs please email us at

z/OS, OPC, TWS and IWS are registered trademarks of IBM. Ops/MVS is a registered trademark of CA/Broadcom.