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The Enterprise Servers’ principal managing consultants all have over 35 years’ experience of the IBM mainframe environment.  They have worked across the UK and Europe for numerous major blue chip clients and cover all aspects of the environment.

The philosophy is simple and straightforward.  The mainframe is here to stay but the people are no longer in plentiful supply.  Companies are investing in their people to work with newer technologies.  The Enterprise Servers objective is to be able to manage the demand from the smallest program or environment change to a complete service to maintain and enhance a company’s full installation.

Whether a client has their own mainframe or whether they use a 3rd party to host it we can work to any level within an organisation.  We are UK based onshore and all our staff are experienced mainframe personnel.  We do not use offshore body shops who provide their resources a few weeks training and then ship them out as consultants to work to scripts.  This ensures a cost efficient and flexible solution to any requirement a client may have.  We can support everything from a few hours to an indefinite commitment.

We not only have the experience and skills, but also we can pass that knowledge on and ensure our clients are in complete agreement with any proposed changes.  We have a philosophy of total continuity and new staff members are fully trained in the day-to-day cycle of operations for which we are responsible.  This guarantees our ability to support our clients for the proposed future of their mainframe commitments.