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We are able to provide extensive and highly skilled support for all products of Software AG including Adabas® and Natural® as well as Predict, webMethods® and many other aspects of their software portfolio.  We are also able to support a number of 3rd part products designed to support this environment including but not limited to N2O®, PEEK®, ADASTRIP® and ADAREORG®.

We are able to provide anything from a simple program or database parameter change, a new version software upgrade or a complete monitoring and run the business solution for a client.  Amongst the services that we offer are:

  • Natural® programming standards and best practice
  • Natural® coding for either simple changes or a full-bespoke application
  • Adabas® database tuning and performance monitoring
  • DBA support and training
  • Predict physical and logical design, maintenance, and best practice
  • Integration of mainframe applications with open systems
  • Software upgrades
  • Database utility and procedure creation and maintenance
  • Data replication from mainframe to non-mainframe platforms

For more information or to discuss your company’s specific needs please email us at

Adabas®, Natural® and webMethods® are registered trademarks of Software AG.  N2O®, ADASTRIP® and ADAREORG® are registered trademarks of Treehouse Software.  PEEK® is a registered trademark of Bytezone.